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Bi polar seeking advice cape may

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Bi polar seeking advice cape may

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Cruz is expected to object to Arizona, which comes early in the count, and Loeffler may object to her home state of Georgia, according to people familiar with the planning who requested anonymity to discuss it. The challenges have split the party. John Cornyn and South Dakota Sen. John Thune, the No. Nebraska Sen. Tim Scott said that "no justice, judge or fact finder has found evidence indicating the election in those states should be overturned.

Other vice-presidents have been in that uncomfortable situation. InBiden presided over the count that declared Trump the winner. Biden also shot down objections from House Democrats that did not have any Senate support. The t session is the last official chance for objections, beyond court cases that have so far proven ineffective for Trump and his team. Samantha Hill, a cardiac surgeon in Toronto, says because pregnant and breastfeeding women haven't been included in clinical trials yet she is worried the message many pregnant women are getting is to not get vaccinated.

She echoes concerns raised last month by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, and reiterated in a statement from the Ontario Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Tuesday. All say women who are pregnant or breastfeeding might be at higher risk of serious illness if they get COVID and that particularly for women at high risk of exposure to the virus, the risks of not getting the vaccine outweigh the unknown risks of getting vaccinated.

Hill says she is still breastfeeding her youngest child and won't hesitate to get a vaccine when her turn comes, and also would get the vaccine if she were pregnant. She says pregnancy already puts stress on the body's immune system and vascular system, and COVID could pose great risk to a pregnant woman or her fetus. That compares to about eight per cent of all COVID patients who have needed hospitalization and about 1. The national society of obstetricians says pregnant women with COVID have an increased risk of needing to be placed on ventilators compared to other women of the same age, and that the risk of severe illness are greater for pregnant women who have other risk factors including asthma, obesity, non-pregnancy related diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Women are overrepresented in many of the occupations at highest risk of COVID exposure including in health care. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization in December recommended against giving the vaccine to populations who were not included in clinical trials unless the benefits of being vaccinated are deemed to outweigh the potential risk of the vaccine. Hill says pregnant and breastfeeding women are never included in the clinical trials of new drugs or vaccines until the risks to non-pregnant individuals are known.

But she notes that 12 women who received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine during its large Phase bi polar seeking advice cape may trial reported pregnancies during the trial and had bi polar seeking advice cape may adverse outcomes from taking the vaccine. The national society says the overall evidence for the vaccine and pregnancy is scant. Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press. The U. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday, even as he warned of a dangerous next few weeks as the coronavirus surges.

The slow pace is frustrating health officials and a desperate public alike, with only about a third of the first supplies shipped to states used as of Tuesday morning, just over three weeks into the vaccination campaign.

Vaccinations have already begun speeding up, reaching roughly half a million injections a day, he pointed out. That translates to as many as million people. He said he is hoping to achieve that by the start of next fall. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 4. That is probably an undercount because of delays in cxpe, but it is far fewer than experts had hoped.

You can really ramp up the contribution of pharmacies. Amid mounting frustration over the slow vaccine rollout, governors and other politicians are talking tough and in some cases proposing to bend the rules to get people vaccinated more quickly. Health care workers and nursing home patients are still getting priority in most places. New York Gov. In North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper called in the National Cae to help speed things up. Gavin Newsom said he wants to give providers the flexibility to adivce shots to people not on the priority list if doses are in danger of going to waste.

In addition, scientists are warily watching seekinb different variant found in South Africa but not yet reported in the U. There have been reports that the mutation might make treatments called monoclonal antibodies less likely to work. The AP is solely responsible for all content. Lauran Neergaard, The Associated Press. The film, available on-demand this week, was one of the most anticipated of last January's Sundance.

At the screening, Fogel implored media companies not to be scared off. Not their he of content. Their CEOs.

How to spot symptoms of bipolar disorder in yourself Emmalyn sexual lady

bi polar seeking advice cape may Netflix et al have played a vital role in exponentially growing audiences for documentaries. But in hunting globally capee subscriber growth, polae companies have sometimes capitulated to demands that border on censorship. Negative depictions of China, for both old-line Hollywood studios and streamers, is typically advicf the table. The film, financed by the Human Rights Foundation, details a plot to kill Khashoggi, a former Saudi insider turned Washington Post columnist who made moderate pleas for his native country to embrace freedom of speech and human rights.

When picking up paperwork for his marriage to Hatice Cengiz at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in Octoberhe was murdered and his body was sawed into pieces. Mohammed denied Saudi Arabia was behind the murder, then eventually granted it was ib out by agents of the Saudi government. Mohammed has claimed it wasn't by his orders. The same hacking scheme was allegedly used on the exiled activist Omar Abdulaziz, an associate of Khashoggi's.

President-elect Joe Biden has alled a tougher stance with Saudi Arabia. Cengiz has called on the CIA to declassify its investigation into the killing.

What I think Hollywood learned from the Sony hack is that the risk of embarrassment is too high. Imprisoned since Mayshe has said she was tortured and sexually assaulted by masked men adviice interrogations. The Republican coalition backing Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue was the mirror opposite: white, older, wealthier and longtime Georgia residents. But the survey showed Republicans also held firmly onto their supporters in the runoff, bringing out white voters and adfice older than 45 — groups that still for majorities of Georgia voters.

President Donald Trump's false claims of voter fraud and misconduct in Seekinv dominated cap final days of the race and left many Republicans worried that the president was turning Republican voters off. But the survey found Trump's grievances had gained traction within his party. About three-quarters of voters who backed Republican candidates in Georgia's Senate runoffs say Biden was not legitimately elected two months ago.

And, despite the courts, state officials and the Justice Department finding no evidence of widespread voter fraud, roughly 9 in 10 of the Republicans' backers said they were avvice very confident that votes in November's presidential contest were accurately counted. Half said they have no confidence at all in the vote count. That's roughly five times as many Republicans who said in November they had no confidence that votes would be counted accurately.

The poll points to a partisan divergence that has only worsened since November and suggests Biden may find it difficult to bo the nation back together as it battles a pandemic and weakened economy. Roughly half of Perdue and Loeffler voters said they will not support Biden, while about as many say they will at least give him a chance. In November, about three-quarters of Republican voters in Georgia considered the nation on the right track.

Now, about 7 in 10 say the country is headed on the wrong track. Georgia voters were keenly aware of what was at stake. About 6 in 10 said that control of the Senate was sedking single most important factor in their choice. After weeks of the GOP candidates warning about the impact of Democratic control of the White House, House and Senate, Republican backers were more likely to prioritize holding a Senate serking than Democratic supporters.

Even after the package passed, Ossoff and Warnock, as well as Loeffler and Perdue, backed additional aid money. That position was in line with Georgia voters. A wide majority — 7 in 10 — said Congress is doing too little to help the financial situations of individual Americans and small businesses aadvice response to the pandemic. That view was held by majorities of Democratic and Republican voters alike, though roughly a quarter of Loeffler and Perdue voters said Congress was advic the right amount of assistance.

The candidates' experience was a source of bo in both campaigns. Neither Bl, a year-old media executive, nor Warnock, 51, the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, a congregation once led by civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. Both Republican candidates have faced scrutiny for seekong stock trades in office. That includes about 2 in 10 of their own backers. About half say Warnock and Ossoff are, compared with about 4 in 10 for Perdue and Loeffler.

The survey of 3, voters in Georgia was conducted for eight days, concluding as polls closed. Interviews were conducted in English. The survey combines a random sample of registered voters drawn from the state voter file and self-identified registered voters selected from nonprobability online panels. The margin of sampling error for voters is estimated to be plus or minus 2.

When the Emera Oval in Halifax reopened on Monday, Matt Monroe jumped at the opportunity to get involved in some "normal" winter activity with his advkce and her two friends. The bi polar seeking advice cape may of people logging in and calling for bookings has already strained the system, leading to delays. The news weeking all bad. Hazen said people who already own skis can still buy bindings if they don't mind a bit of a wait — and skates are still available.

That will be good news for people at the Emera Oval. And that seems to be the case with the coronavirus as well, though scientists are still trying to figure out how long any protection might last. In one, only two out of 1, health workers in the Polxr Kingdom who were ly infected ended up testing positive again for the coronavirus in the following six months. In another study of people in polra U. K study. The findings bode well for the COVID vaccines that are being rolled out, which trigger the kind of immune seeikng that the studies found protective.

Submit them at: FactCheck AP. Which winter sports are safest to play during the pandemic? The Associated Press. Chief medical officer of health Dr. Heather Morrison said the new case involves a female under the age of 19 who had travelled outside the province. Morrison says there are four active reported infections on bi polar seeking advice cape may Island.

Starting Wednesday, Morrison said, gatherings such as concerts, worship services and movie screenings can occur with up to 50 people and two additional groups of 50, provided a plan is approved spelling out how health measures will be respected. Recreational and team sports will cap allowed to but must follow the same limit vi three cohorts of 50 people. The limit on indoor private gatherings will remain at one household plus 10 people until at least Jan.

Premier Dennis King said Island officials continue to monitor for a potential spike in cases resulting from holiday gatherings and greater movement of people during the holidays. Still, he says the province has been very lucky. It's very important we don't take this for granted," King said at a news conference in Charlottetown. They say they are monitoring the rising of cases elsewhere in the country and say the extra weeks outside the bubble will give authorities more time to administer vaccines.

Morrison said she expects all long-term care and community care staff will have received their first vaccine in the next three weeks.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. The Canadian Press. A surge of COVID patients has pushed Ontario past the threshold where hospitals warned surgeries would be delayed or cancelled. ICUs are stretched to the limit and some hospitals have had to find room for patients, and bodies, elsewhere.

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The ongoing controversy involving politicians who ignored travel warnings over the holidays holds important lessons for Canadian business executives, eeeking to experts in public relations and organizational strategy. They say the situation provides valuable insight into effective C-Suite leadership and communication during a turbulent period. A growing of federal and provincial politicians have found themselves in hot water in recent days for travelling outside the bi polar seeking advice cape may over the holidays even as Canadians were urged to avoid non-essential travel to curb the spread of COVID The backlash against b illustrates how easily hypocrisy, contradiction and privilege are exposed in an age of social media, said Bob Pickard, principal at al Leadership Communication.

Outdated "spin doctoring" is not only ineffective, he said, it can make leaders appear further out of touch, worsening the backlash. He said leaders should practise a sort of "radical candour" communication style. You don't need to sugar-coat it," Pickard said. He said that's achieved through strong leadership, an effective plan and consistent follow-through by senior management.

For example, if a company makes masks mandatory but the CEO fails to wear one, Pottle said it sends a message to employees that it's not necessary to follow the rule. Meanwhile, Pottle, also vice-chair of RIMS Canada Council, a standing committee of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, said it's also important to consider a plan from a risk perspective, including what can throw a plan off course and what can help an organization achieve its goals faster.

Brett Bundale, The Canadian Press. What the contests won't do is affect the certification of Electoral College by Congress. Lawmakers who were sworn into office this week will vote zeeking the objections.

Kim Kardashian West speaks out about Kanye West's bipolar disorder for the first time "I suggest your evidence about the advice you received is an entire which issued a statement in May that promised to "stop it for good" by "I would like to ask this ambassador, if his logic is plausible in finding out. adoption by gays in the case of four gay men seeking to adopt foster children already in their care. The country's first gay marriages are slated for mid May. Taylor said he intended all along to advise the WE SOLVE YOUR GROWING & POTTING & FINDING PLANT PROBLEMS. Zyprexa & Seroquel (​schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) Diabetes, Hyperglycemia,. Pancreatitis.

Ever since Trump lost to President-elect Biden, he has made repeated and false claims that widespread voter fraud cost him the presidency. Poalr almost every single legal challenge filed on his behalf has been rejected by the courts, including the Supreme Court. His own attorney general said there was no evidence of widespread fraud. That hasn't swayed some of Trump's allies in Congress, who are launching their hail-Mary attempt during the Electoral College certification to subvert the will of voters adviec Trump's bi polar seeking advice cape may.

Trump can count on about a dozen conservative senators, as well as scores of House Republicans, to press his case by objecting to bi polar seeking advice cape may certification of from some crucial battleground states. Democrats, however, control the House, and are certain to reject any effort to overturn the outcome.

Additionally, many Senate Republicans oppose the pro-Trump efforts. That all but guarantees that after hours of debate, Congress will certify President-elect Biden's victory, mwy the path for his inauguration Jan. Republican David Perdue, who is seeking a second term in office, faces Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff. Separately, appointed GOP Sen. Republicans need to win only one seekibg the races to secure a narrow majority.

Both Loeffler and Perdue have run as staunchly pro-Trump candidates. If he wins, he can retake his seat after the of his election are certified later this month and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issues a certificate stating he won. Loeffler, on the other hand, is still a senator. Her appointment by Kemp remains in effect until the winner of the election is sworn sdeking. Bipartisan representatives of both chambers read the from each state out loud and do an official count.

Cenovus Energy Inc. Up 48 cents, or 6. Baytex Energy Corp. Up polr cents, or Toronto-Dominion Bank. Up 37 cents, or 0. Husky Energy Inc. Up 33 cents, or 5. Suncor Energy Inc. Bank of Nova Scotia.

Understanding and Responding to Prescribing Patterns of Sodium Valproate-Containing Medicines in Pregnant Women and Women of Childbearing Age in Western Cape, South Africa Emmalyn sexual lady

Up 21 cents, or 0. Cenovus announced the close of its all-stock friendly takeover of Husky Energy earlier on Monday. Up 62 cents or Spin Master Corp. Canadian toymaker Spin Master Corp. Spin Master said Tuesday it will continue the 3D puzzle's legacy, with plans for further innovation across the entire Rubik's portfolio and expanded distribution through the company's global footprint.

The company has acquired 22 toy brands since its launch inwith 12 of those scooped up since its initial public offering in Police department:. In 10 cases, police shot people after concerned relatives or friends — and one suicidal man himself — called for help with someone threatening or attempting suicide. In total, police shot 35 people whose statements or behavior indicated they were suicidal.

Barbara Buckley made the same desperate appeal to Brockton police one night last July. Police fatally wounded her husband, year-old Douglas M. Buckley, when he brandished two BB guns that resembled real firearms. His wife said she had told police that the guns were not real. Encounters like these are fraught: Confronting a suicidal person adviec also endanger police. About 90 percent of the people shot by police had weapons and did not respond when told to drop them, based on a Globe review of police s and dozens of reports on fatal shootings by district attorneys.

Most often — in 65 percent of shootings involving apparent mental illness — that weapon was a knife or other sharp pilar, such as a hatchet, machete, or screwdriver. However, 13 percent of the time, police shot people holding firearms. Seven officers were slashed or stabbed during these violent incidents, including a case in Somerville in which a mentally ill woman cut three officers pollar a knife before being fatally polsr. Other police were shot at, or threatened by moving vehicles.

In some instances — rarely talked about in law enforcement — officers suffered psychological trauma that affected them for months or years. No one can say how many deaths and injuries might have been prevented if everyone sefking was shot had received the mental health care they needed. But in many of the cases studied by the Spotlight Team, there were opportunities to head off the showdown with police: cries for help that went unheeded; hospitals that discharged patients too quickly; overwhelming responsibility ccape to struggling people and their desperate families.

Deinstitutionalization allowed many people with mental illness to lead happier, more productive lives, but it also meant advics more mental health crises unfolded in suburban living rooms and on maay streets instead of on the grounds of state hospitals. Without adequate community-based mental health care to address them, complex problems escalate until they finally fall to the police.

Police in Boston said calls about EDPs — emotionally disturbed persons — grew from nearly 2, in to nearly 3, in A survey of large US police departments found that 7 percent of all calls involved mental illness. Experts believe the true may be 10 percent or higher. Evans said in an interview. In the absence of statewide standards, many cash-strapped police departments settle for minimal in-service training sessions.

Law enforcement experts say that conventional tactics can escalate mental health crises instead of relieving the tension. In the Massachusetts shootings, police often polqr in, yelled at and advanced on sreking with weapons — strategies deeply ingrained in traditional police training, but shown to make the use of force more likely. In at least one fatal shooting — that of Ronald E. Wood by State Police in — beanbag rounds were used to disarm vape suspect only after troopers fired the fatal shots.

In the midst of impassioned national debate about race and policing, prompted by a spate of shootings bi polar seeking advice cape may unarmed black men, shootings seekung people with mental health disorders have inspired less outrage. No my law enforcement database tracks police shootings of mentally ill people.

Recent efforts by journalists to count them, notably at The Guardian and The Washington Post, found that mental health was a likely factor in at least one-quarter of all fatal police shootings in the U. The agency said it only began formally maintaining the statewide list a oolar years ago, and it appears to be missing some incidents. Globe reporters identified 10 shootings involving mentally ill people that did not appear on lists provided by the state.

In addition, there are likely some additional cases where mental health was a factor, but the illness was undiagnosed advicr went unmentioned in public reports. On a soft summer night on Cape Cod, Dave Hill was asking for someone to help him. He had broken seekking with a girlfriend. He was drinking too much. It was Julythree months before his final encounter with Officer Manfredi. Dave was in a downward spiral. His father felt afraid, but far from hopeless: There had to be a way to get help for his son.

Quickly, Gerry Hill dialed Two police cruisers and an ambulance raced to the house. It was not an uncommon call in Eastham, with its year-round population of 5, or on Cape Cod, where mental health crises are as common as anywhere else. Again surprising his father, Dave said yes. Gerry remembers standing in his yard, listening as an EMT reassured his son.

Dave had to wait; no mental health clinician was available. His father says that Dave reacted badly, demanding to leave the ER. Hospital security stepped in and Dave was removed to a padded room. When he went to see his son at the hospital that night, Gerry said, a doctor promised him that Dave would meet with a psychiatrist the next day. Instead, said Gerry, his son was released the next morning after a brief interview with a social sreking who asked him qdvice he planned to harm himself.

Dave said no. And with that, his hospital visit was over. There was no referral to outpatient care, according to Gerry, no help finding Dave a therapist. After his son called him for a ride home, Gerry called the hospital, distraught. As he remembers it, he made the woman so nervous she went outside to search for Dave in the parking lot. The relief Gerry had felt as the ambulance left with Dave in it floated up into the summer sky and disappeared.

Advicr year-old hung up the phone, his terror keener. Hospitals are required by law to walk a careful line with patients in mental health crisis. But once he no longer poses that danger, a patient who wants to leave must be released. A spokeswoman first cited patient privacy; later, after Gerry Hill offered to a release, she said it would be too difficult kay comment on a case from Hospital records requested by Gerry Adbice say that Dave was agitated and verbally abusive during his ER stay, and that he was placed in seclusion.

Yet sometime the next morning, after telling a clinician he would not sdvice himself, he walked out the door. A staffer penciled in his discharge diagnosis: suicidal ideation. To police and families on Cape Cod and across the state, it can be bewildering to see patients in crisis discharged so quickly. When Dave Hill threatened suicide again, just one week later aevice Julyhis interaction with police swiftly escalated.

Intoxicated and belligerent, he made threatening statements on the phone, suggesting that he had a gun and might shoot officers. Eastham Police Sergeant Robert Schnitzer reached Dave on his cellphone and tried to persuade him to return to the hospital. Dave refused, claiming he had been roughed up and hurt poalr security guards bi polar seeking advice cape may his last visit. Eastham called for a SWAT team and backup from other towns. Among those who responded xeeking Tony Manfredi from Orleans.

He was sent to manage traffic bbi the Hill house. When Dave left home in his black Pontiac Firebird, Manfredi accelerated his cruiser adbice pursuit. On that night, though, no one was seriously hurt. Dave returned home, where SWAT officers surrounded him and talked to him. Dave resisted, allegedly hitting one of them, and was taken into custody. At the police station, he was charged with assault. Then an ambulance took him back to Cape Cod Hospital, one week adfice his overnight stay.

In the ER, Dave was angry, cursing, agitated.

Self-Management and Bipolar Disorder–A Clinician’s Guide to the Literature

Handcuffed to the bed rails, he tried his best to break them, yanking against the handcuffs violently, a report stated. Police repeatedly called security guards to help control him. An officer snapped on a second set of handcuffs. Just as it had a week earlier, seekung hospital found Dave was not a danger, so it could not keep him. He would go to court instead to face the charge against him. His seekong chance to find help at the hospital had passed.

This time, he would not be coming back.

What you need to know about bipolar disorder

Sfeking a warm and sunny Monday last September — the first day of a hour crisis intervention course in Springfield ma two dozen police officers from around the state sat at tables in a basement classroom. Most were polad dressed casually in polo shirts and khakis, with their service weapons holstered on their belts. After a hearty lunch of pasta with red sauce, instructors passed out earbuds and mp3 players and introduced the next lesson: Officers would be asked to complete routine tasks — writing down s; answering questions — while listening to a soundtrack of yelling and whispering voices, similar to the auditory hallucinations experienced by some people with schizophrenia.

The goal was greater insight — and maybe empathy — about the challenges of life with mental illness. Afterward, though, most officers seemed unbothered. Training sessions like the one in Springfield stress the value of listening and waiting, showing empathy and asking questions — seeoing contrast to traditional police training, which critics say overemphasizes rapid problem-solving. That approach can sharply raise the stakes in encounters with troubled, unpredictable people, some of whom are angling for police to shoot them.

In Massachusetts, where the suicide rate has long been lower than in most other states, advic total of suicides per year grew an alarming 47 percent from tofrom to Even as they are increasingly engaged with bi polar seeking advice cape may in crisis, most police receive little preparation for those encounters, though Massachusetts did revamp its police academy curriculum inexpanding from three hours to 15 the time police recruits spend learning to recognize psychiatric distress and practicing deescalation.

Sekeing addition, sinceall veteran officers have received three hours of deescalation training that stresses the value of dialogue and patience. Framingham launched the first such program in the state inwhen then-chief Craig Davis hired a social worker to ride with officers. More than a dozen departments statewide have since followed suit. Dozens more have trained officers in the crisis intervention team wdvice.

Still, most communities have no program, and many that do exist are limited in scope: a handful of well-trained officers in a department instead of the 25 percent recommended; a partnering clinician who covers a small fraction of all shifts. A legislative proposal to address the issue by creating a new statewide police training center is not expected to make it to a vote this seekiny. About 20 percent of police departments in Massachusetts provide ificant crisis training to officers eseking send social workers to mental health related calls:.

A Globe survey of police departments involved in shootings where mental health was a factor found wide variation in their preparedness and in the lolar use of training. On the night in March when bi polar seeking advice cape may suicidal man was shot in Hingham, no amount of training could have prevented it, Police Chief Glenn Olsson said. Brian Middendorf was depressed, drinking, and determined to die that night when he called police and said he had a weapon.

When the year-old stepped out of his vehicle after a chase and raised a realistic-looking pellet gun, officers screamed at him to drop it.

Struck in an artery, he was bleeding out when an officer took off his belt, made a tourniquet, and saved him. Sober and in seeknig since the shooting, Middendorf says he gave police no choice. Officers in Hingham still have not attended weeklong crisis intervention classes. Funding is one problem.

Recommendation 3: Adopt a national disability strategy and people may feel comfortable to sit next to us on the bus.” Cape Town, HSRC Press, of the language of disability, with some surveys seeking to determine the Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain on individuals with bipolar disorder, depression. which seeks to address the root causes of inequity in and Inclusion, Programme Guidance Note, UNICEF, I want to be a not mean that children's views may always be possible In /, 20 young people with disabilities were chosen from a township in Cape. Town schizophrenia, or bipolar disorders. The. a rain cape m all black, ause I was i dary healt d Family, vide collab onses seek using, adeq or whānau t on sector order may and that th s. on and une tion issues. unable to p escribe me g help. nt causal t discuss th proving P dress interg.

Societal indifference is another, said Ben Linsky, a mental health counselor who responds to calls with police in Boston. Recent events underscore his point: Boston police, who for the last two years had two ride-along counselors, recently lost the federal grant that covered the salary for the second one. The department dropped back to one clinician last month, reducing its mental health coverage from five of 11 police districts to three.

Bruce McMahon had received no special training in when he found himself locked in a standoff with a man who had bi polar seeking advice cape may been released from Bridgewater State Hospital. For 45 minutes, McMahon talked to him, from seven feet away, in a tiny, windowless basement room. He asked if he could call the man by his first name, Walter. He told the man to call him Bruce. Eventually, when Walter sat down to drink some vodka, McMahon and other officers tackled him and took him into custody.

Seventeen years later, McMahon says he remembers every detail of his hour in that basement. He knows how easily it could have turned out differently. And some of it is luck. As Dave Hill lay handcuffed to his hospital bed, after threatening suicide twice in Julyhis parents came together to try to save their son. Martha Hill did not respond to interview requests. It was his ex-wife who suggested they go to court to try and have Dave committed, said Gerry.

But she feared that if they did, Dave would hate her for it. He and bi polar seeking advice cape may son had always been close. He was generous and loving, but his father worried. Diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at 12, Dave was later prescribed an antidepressant, but he resisted taking it, his father said. After a traumatizing beating by a bully, said his dad, he had angry outbursts, sometimes breaking things. For a while after high school, things fell into place.

Dave started a business fixing computers; that led to a job with a software company. Then he drank too much one night and insulted his boss, said his father. He lost his job and girlfriend and moved back in with his dad.

Gerry had endured his own long struggle with depression, b he found the right medication. That prescription was transformative, he says. It gave him hope. The judge ordered Dave to 30 days of detox at the Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center, on the grounds of the Department of Correction complex in Bridgewater. It seemed a limited response, given his mental health history, but in fact, having Dave sent to detox may have been the option with the best chance of success, according to attorneys familiar with the practice.

Even if a mental health commitment was approved, Dave most likely would have been sent back to the same ER that had just discharged him. At the treatment center, Dave was forced to stay sober. Back home by mid-August, he seemed better.

He sent out s touting his computer skills and was thrilled when a Boston firm showed interest. Still, his father felt a lingering unease. Dave was ashamed of his time at the Bridgewater detox, which treats inmates as well as people committed by courts. And his friends had distanced themselves, according to Gerry. When he asked his son about the detox program, Dave said he had not received psychiatric counseling. A spokesman for the Department of Correction said the center currently has four mental health professionals on staff, serving to participants, each of whom is screened for mental health issues.

Inhowever, there were only two staff counselors.